How can I change the email on my Epic for Educators account?

To change your email on Epic (web):

  1. Navigate to your Educator Dashboard.
  2. Click your Educator avatar > In the drop-down menu, select 'Account Settings'.
  3. Near the 'Email Address' subheading, select the pencil icon and make your edits
  4. Select 'Save Email'!

To change your email on Epic (iOS or Android):

  1. Log in to your Epic app > Switch to the teacher profile
  2. Tap on the Account Settings button (gear icon)
  3. Next to the 'Epic Account' subheading, tap on 'Manage' 
  4. Nearest 'Email Address', tap 'Change'
  5. Make your edits > Save!

If you have an e-mail that was used for Google SSO with Epic, you will need to contact us for assistance in updating this manually.

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