Locked Books in Epic School

Is Epic School changing? 

  • No. Epic School will remain 100% free for students and educators during school hours  (between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m on weekdays). Epic School will continue to support your reading and learning goals, with access to 40,000 books, learning tools and more. 

Why are my students seeing locked books?

  • This year, we’re occasionally showing students books that are only available with an Epic Unlimited subscription, which families can purchase after school. 

How many books are locked? 

  • Only about 1% of the books students see in the Epic School experience will be locked. They’ll still have access to our full Epic School library, which includes over 40,000 books. We’re not taking anything away—it’s just that now, we’re also showing them books that are exclusively available with an Epic Unlimited subscription. 

Who will see locked books? 

  • Students who don’t have an Epic Unlimited subscription, or whose Epic Unlimited accounts aren’t connected to their school account while logged in with Epic School, will see locked books. Educators will also see locked books in the educator experience.
  • Students who have an Epic Unlimited subscription—and have connected it to their school profile—won’t see locked books because these Epic Unlimited books will be available to them in the Epic School experience. 

Where will locked books appear? 

  • Locked books will not be visible on the Explore page. Locked books will mainly appear on Epic Originals series pages, in some search results, on some collection pages, and in end-of-book recommendations.

What happens if a student clicks on a locked book? 
When a student clicks on a locked book, they’ll see a pop-up notifying them that the book is not available in Epic School. It will tell them to ask a grownup to help them unlock it after 3 p.m.




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