Can I edit my teacher profile name?

If you need to update your name for any reason, please follow these steps.

To edit your teacher profile name on the website:

  1. Log into your educator account.
  2. Switch to the teacher profile (you will need to enter your password again to access the teacher profile).
  3. Click your teacher avatar in the upper right corner, and select 'Account Settings'.
  4. Click the pencil icon next to your name.
  5. Make your edits, and click 'Save Name'.

To edit your teacher profile name on an iOS/Android device:

  1. Log in to your Epic app > Switch to the teacher profile.
  2. Tap on your teacher avatar to go to your dashboard.
  3. Tap the Pencil icon under your teacher avatar at the top of the page.
  4. Make your edits.
  5. Tape Done!

(Only your prefix and last name will be displayed, so if you'd prefer your profile name be displayed as your first name, please enter your first name in the last name field.)


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