How do I unlink my child's profile from their old teacher and connect to their new teacher?

If your child's new teacher uses Epic in their classroom, you can easily unlink your child’s profile from their previous classroom and request a connection to your child's new classroom. This can be done via the website or the iOS app.

Unlinking your child's profile and linking to their new teacher:

  1. Log in to your Epic account using your parent login switch to the parent profile at the top
  2. Select the "Parent" profile at the top next to "Log Out" (this will ask for your password again)
  3. Select "Change Class" next to your child's profile and their old class code
  4. In the pop-up window, confirm by clicking ‘Find Your Teacher’
  5. You can use your new class code, the teacher's e-mail, or school name to locate the new class.
  6. Select "Send Request" - and you're done!

Be sure to communicate with your child's teacher so they can accept your request.

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