How do I connect to my teacher's account?

You can connect your Epic Unlimited account to your child's class by:

Parent initiates the 'Connect to your Teacher" request

  1. Switch to the parent profile (you will need to enter your account password to access the parent profile)
  2. Click on the parent dashboard
  3. Click on "Connect to Class" button next to the profile you are attempting to connect
  4. Click on "Find Your Teacher" (You can do this with your class code, location, or teacher's e-mail)
  5. Click on "Join a classroom" (this will send the request to join to the teacher)
  6. Click on "OK"

You will need to then wait for the teacher to approve the connection request, but once they do, your child's profile will be connected.

If you're an educator who'd like to send a connection request to parents and families, check out our Epic School FAQ instructions

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