The Epic app or website isn’t working.

We're sorry you're experiencing issues accessing or using Epic. Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try which should help!:

  • Confirm you have the most recent version of your device's operating system (iOS or Android)
  • Try reinstalling the app (even if it's up to date, this can still help solve some issues.)
  • If you are using a web browser from a computer, the Epic site is most compatible with Firefox or Chrome (Internet Explorer does not support all the Epic website's features). Please also note that because of technical limitations, mobile browsers are not supported. 
  • Check your connectivity - items may not load properly due to a bad internet connection. As a test, try connecting to Epic through another internet connection, for example, a wifi hotspot. You can also check your connection here.
  • If you're using the website, try clearing your cache and cookies. For steps on various browsers, please click here.
  • There may be a firewall blocking connections to our service. This is sometimes the case with some school and academic networks that block access to outside resources for security reasons. Please check your firewall settings to make sure that access to our domain - - and all its sub-domains are allowed on your network. Please see the list of the domains and sub-domains below:


If the issue persists, click here to get in contact with our support team. For the fastest assistance, please send all device information (device type, app version number, operating system number, or computer browser information) along with any applicable screenshots!


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