How do I add my classroom to a shared device?

Epic makes sharing devices among classrooms and educators easy to do! With the simplified login feature, a device can have multiple classrooms listed on the same device.

When a student signs in using their classroom code, your classroom will appear in a list of classrooms available on the device. After logging out of the current classroom, just tap one of the other class codes, and you'll be taken to your classroom. If the code isn't listed, you can type it in manually where it will be saved for future logins. From there, a student can select his/her student profile, and then start reading. 

To add a class code to a device:

  1. Logout of the current classroom by tapping "switch class" on the profile selection page (if a classroom isn't logged in already, just "Have an account? Login", and then select Students & Educators")
  2. Type the classcode you want to add under Student Login 
  3. Tap Go!

To access the teacher profile itself:

Tap "teacher login" in the top-right of the profile select and re-enter your password.


Note: No passwords are required to switch student profiles at the same school, however, educators can add a PIN to each student profile. Here's how: How do I change a student's profile name or PIN?

This feature is available on iOS, Android, and Web. 

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