How can I view my child's reading activity?

Here's how to view or download your child's Reading Log:

  1. Switch to your Parent Dashboard by entering your password
  2. Next to your child’s name, select ‘Profile Options’
  3. In the drop-down menu, select ‘View Reading Log’ to display a week-by-week summary.
  4. You can then click download to save as CSV or PDF. You can also export to Google from there.

A combined list of each child profiles' reading activity is also available by going to your Parent Dashboard > Activity tab where you can sort these selections by chronological and alphabetical order. 

To view your child's badges, points, and level:

  1. Switch to the child profile (enter their PIN if one is assigned to their profile).
  2. Click the child's avatar in order to view your child's progress points, reading level, and achievements!

For information on how to receive updates for your child's reading progress, click here

For Educators, click here to learn how to view and/or download your students' reading activity.


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