Is Epic safe and appropriate for my children?

Epic was created by two parents who recognized a need for a safe place for their own children to read, learn and explore on their devices. They understood that the internet wasn’t built for kids, and with these concerns in mind, Epic was born. Careful human curation is the heart of Epic’s brand and is what sets us apart from other popular services for children.

Epic is, and will always be, a safe and secure environment for children to explore. We work tirelessly to ensure that children will never come across inappropriate content, in-app purchases or ads on Epic.

Here are a few of the ways Epic is able to confidently create and maintain a safe environment for discovery and learning:

  • Epic’s library has been carefully curated with content from only the most reputable and respected partners like National Geographic Kids and Sesame Workshop, so children have access to the highest quality content available.
  • Every piece of content available on Epic - including books, read-to-me books, audiobooks, and videos - has been carefully and thoughtfully hand-picked by real people, including teachers and librarians, not computers or algorithms.
  • While some of Epic’s videos also appear on YouTube or have been created by popular YouTube creators, the Epic team reviews every single video before it is made available to children. In addition, Epic only publishes clean versions of these videos, without ads, commercial messages or prompts to subscribe.
  • Epic does not stream content from any other website or company. Every single piece of content, video or otherwise, lives on our own servers in a controlled environment, so content can never be uploaded to our platform that has not been reviewed and approved by our highly qualified team.

Epic strives to delight and inspire children while serving as a trusted resource for families and educators alike.


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