Where can I find the quizzes I created and see my student's scores?

Here's how to access your quizzes and see your student's scores:
(Note: This is only possible using the web version of Epic at this time.)

  1. Log into your educator account (enter your password)
  2. From your teacher dashboard, hover over the 'My Student's tab, and select 'Quizzes'
  3. Click 'View Results' next to the quiz you'd like to see results for. This will bring up the quiz result for students who have taken the quiz, and their scores. If a student has not taken the quiz, they will not show in the list.  

To confirm if a student has been assigned a quiz, but hasn't taken it:

  1. Click 'View Progress' next to 'View Results'
  2. This will bring up a list of all the students currently assigned the Quiz.
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