Can I make my own quizzes?

If you have an educator account, you can now make your own quizzes for the books on Epic from your teacher profile!

How to create a quiz:
1. Login to your educator account.
2. If you logged in with your classcode, switch to the teacher profile (you will need to enter your account password to access the teacher profile).
3. Open the book or video you want to create a quiz for.
4. At the top-left navigation, select the 'Quiz' button (three question marks).
5. Click 'Create a Quiz', and give it a title in the window that pops up.
6. Click 'Add a Question', and enter the question and answers. (Please note, the first answer will always be correct while creating the quiz, but the answer order will be random when students are taking it.)
7. Click 'Save' to save the question, where you can then repeat step 6 to add more.
8. Click 'Publish Quiz'! (You can choose to check the Share with Community box if you want people other than your own class to have access to the same quiz, but please be aware this must be manually reviewed first, so it will not be immediately available. It will still be immediately available for your own class though.)

How do my students take the quiz?
If you have made a quiz for any book, then your students (any profile within the account which created the quiz) will always see the quiz you created for that book promptly after finishing the book and opting to take a quiz. 

Your students can take your quiz by doing the following steps:

1. Open the book that has the quiz (you can assign the books with quizzes or put them in a separate collection called 'Quizzes').
2. The student then clicks the 'Quiz' icon (the three question marks icon)
3. The quiz will then open and the student can take the quiz!

Note: The option to create quizzes is only available on the web version of Epic at this time, but students have the ability to take them on iOS, and Android as well.


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